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Garage Door Spring Repair

The Garage Door Spring is frequently used. Constantly keeping your garage door under balance by tremendous amount of tension, the spring is the beating heart of any garage door system. If you are facing issues in the opening and closing of your garage door, it is time to get your garage door system checked! Schedule a garage door spring repair service today and prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.

Lifting the Impossible

The Garage Door Spring is the super heavyweight lifter of your garage door system. While holding the heavy weight of the garage door and keeping it balanced, the spring allows you and/or your garage door opener to easily raise and lower the garage door. Every time that your garage door goes up and down the spring goes in one cycle. It depends on the type of spring your garage door has, after so many cycles/uses it will eventually break.

Better Safe than Sorry

Once the garage door spring breaks, there is nothing left to hold the weight of your garage door and it could become extremely dangerous. When that happens, stand clear and do not try to operate the garage door.

Due to the garage door’s heavy weight, operating it with a broken spring can cause severe damage to the garage door system components.”

Fear not, a broken spring can be replaced and the garage door system can be completely repaired. If your garage door system has more than one spring, all springs should be replaced since all of them went the same amount of cycles.

For Even the Very Wise Cannot See all ends

In a broken spring scenario, do-it-yourself approach can easily lead to severe body injuries, especially when purchasing the garage door spring from on-line unauthorized stores. Those use unreliable remote measuring techniques and incorrect installation instructions.

As garage door experts, we must carry the right equipment to determine what type of torsion spring the garage door system need.”

Finding Mr. Right


Each garage door has a different weight and its own requirements.

Choosing a compatible spring can be an extremely complicated task. We often use complex instruction books and tools such as special rulers, designated micrometers and precision measuring devices.”

Installing the wrong spring can have serious consequences on your garage door mechanisms and on any other sophisticated equipment related to it. For instance, a wrong spring would wear out the garage door opener gears and sprockets and would bring the garage door out of balance, which will eventually cause the garage door to come off it’s tracks.

Short Cuts Make Long Delays

Complicated as it is, garage door spring repair procedure requires expertise and broad knowledge. To do this effectively, all parts must be carefully taken apart followed by careful observation and basic diagnostic tests to detect additional system breakdowns that may occur due to a broken spring.

We often need years of training and experience to fully diagnose all problems, however, diagnostic methods and analysis techniques provide us the aid in determining and repairing additional system malfunctions.”

Once a garage door spring repair is complete, tests will be done to ensure that the garage door springs have the right amount of torque levels and that the garage door system is correctly balanced.

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Whether you need a garage door spring repair, garage door off track service, or any other garage door repair service, we can get it done quickly and efficiently. Don’t let minor issues become major problems, schedule a garage door spring repair service today!