Rollers Replacement: Avoiding the Unavoidable

The garage door roller is one of the most vital component for your garage door proper operation. While keeping the garage door on track, the rollers are also responsible for the smooth travel of the door along its tracks.

Even with appropriate maintenance, your garage door rollers may still wear out and can get damaged or broken over time. When your garage door rollers become faulty or inoperable, we will be here to help you get it back in good working order. Here, at Champion Garage Door Repair, we stay on top of all the new technologies of our industry in order to provide you the best garage door rollers replacement service available today.

Experience: No Storm is too big to Handle

Through our experience in the garage doors industry, we have been dealing with every problem that your garage door system may have, including faulty garage door rollers.

Encountering system malfunctions frequently and repeatedly has given us the ability to diagnose, prevent and repair potential issues before any damage will accrue.“

Here, at Champion Garage Door Repair, we take pride in our work and value our customers. Through our garage door rollers replacement service, you have the ability to save substantial amounts of money by correcting minor problems before they become major problems. A single faulty garage door roller may bring the door out of balance and wear out the door’s moving parts, therefore, our garage door rollers replacement service includes tests, adjustments, and evaluation of your overall garage door travel system, including:

  • Test roller’s bearing and stub to ensure that they are working correctly.
  • Identify mechanical issues and follow checklists to ensure that all critical parts are examined.
  • Test and lubricate the garage door rollers, hinges, and other components.
  • Perform basic care and maintenance, including balance and tune-ups.
  • Repair or replace worn garage door parts, such as hinges, lift cable drums, bearings, end bearing plates, cables, garage door springs, safety eyes, etc.
  • Use testing methods to ensure that repairs and replacements are effective.

It’s the Job That’s Never Started as takes Longest to Finish

Garage door rollers replacement is carried out by disassemble and reassemble of different garage door parts. The garage door’s vertical tracks must be disassembled from the garage’s jambs in order to safely pull the garage door rollers out of the hinge’s shaft. In some cases, the garage door’s hinges must be carefully taken apart individually.

The process of disassemble and reassemble of equipment requires knowledge, skills, and the ability to diagnose.”

Ensuring efficiency and smooth performance while adjusting the jambs’ brackets and travel components back to place, we often use testing methods to identify irregularity and adjust unwanted bindings. Incorrect reassemble of the door’s travel system can cause unwanted vibrations and the garage door to bind against the jambs while traveling up and down. Irregular vibrations and binding can easily bring the door out of balance and reduce the life span of bearings, torsion springs, gears and sprockets.

Rollers Repair: All’s well that ends Better

Over the years, we have been providing general garage door service and prompt garage door repair to the residents of Orange County, CA. Following federal and state regulations of our industry, we are the right team to contact for your garage door rollers replacement or for any type of garage door breakdown, on or off site.