Champion Garage Door Repair Service Area Map

Acquire the Best

At Champion Garage Door Repair, we stock and supply all kinds of garage door openers, parts and accessories which are suitable for residential garage door systems. We work with all major brands and provide high quality products, competitive price, great variety of choices and fast response. As we continue to meet the stringent requirements of local and federal standards, our products geared for life and feature the latest updates in safety, security and technology. By combining garage door repair and supply services, we have the ability to fully serve the residential garage door sector when it comes to repairs, installations, sales and more.

The Perfect Products for Your Garage

We serve homeowners and property managers all around Orange County, CA who wish to get their garage door repaired, serviced or installed. Our garage door products designed to fit your needs, budget and implement safety regulations and high industry standards. With high degree of utility for proper effectiveness, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the right products that will keep your home and family safe.

Garage Door Openers

In just few hours, you can have up-to-date, new automatic garage door opener installed in your garage! We start with a home visit where we discuss your needs, options and examine your system compatibility and requirements. We can get the job done for you and install/replace your garage opener, nevertheless, since our garage openers most suitable for DIY projects, you’ll be able to perform the work as well.

Garage Door Parts

Can’t find the right parts for your garage door? Do you need new springs? Perhaps you need to replace faulty rollers? With garage door parts in stock and through our consultation services, we can help you troubleshoot your garage door issues and find the right solution for your problem. With broad knowledge and expertise, we can provide on-site service, test faulty equipment, diagnose malfunctions, supply the materials and carry out the repairs needed to get you up and running in no time.

Garage Doors

Steel, glass, wood-like, wood and custom-designed garage doors from top to bottom. Services include, but are not limited to: material selection, garage door design concepts, suitable automatic openers and accessories. Above all, we are able to work with your builders from the very beginning of your house design process for custom builds, can come on board to help select materials and custom designs, or help you through house or garage renovation.