Garage Door Steel Bearing

Garage Door Steel Bearing


  • Bearing Type: Medium Duty
  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 2”x1”
  • Compatibility: 1” shaft/tube


The standard garage door torsion system typically contains total of 3 bearings to support the shaft; 2 Bearings on the left and right end plates and 1 steel bearing or nylon bushing inside the torsion spring’s stationary cone or fixed to the center bracket. Heavyweight systems or commercial systems may contain 4 steel bearings along the shaft, depends on how the system has been designed and on how many torsion springs and torque level the system require to stay balanced. Steel bearings often wear out, therefore, when carrying out a garage door spring repair and the torsion springs are being replaced, the steel bearings need to be inspected. On double-sided spring anchor bracket, with left and right torsion springs, steel bearing must be installed in 1 stationary cone only (for each pair). Installing more than 1 steel bearing in both left and right torsion springs’ stationary cones can damage the torsion springs. If the steel bearing fixed to the center bracket or to the end plate, they both need to be replaced.

Warning: Carrying out a garage door repair/installation can be dangerous if not preformed according to the local and national standards and verified by a professional.

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Garage Door Steel Bearing
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