LiftMaster 8500

Elite Series

LiftMaster 8500

LiftMaster 8500 Technical Info  Technical

  • Drive System: Direct Drive
  • Horse Power: Heavy Duty 24V DC
  • Connectivity: MyQ Technology, HomeLink
  • Lighting System: Remote Lighting Box with up to 2 Light Bulbs (100 Watts Max)
  • Power: 120V AC, 60Hz, 6’ power cord (3-Prong)
  • Garage Door Opener Dimensions: 6.85”D x 16.25”H x 6.01”W
  • Max. Garage Door Size: Up to 14’ High, total of 180 Square Feet
  • Max. Garage Door Weight: 650 lbs
  • Headroom Required: 3” from center line
  • Up Speed: 7.5″ Per Second
  • Down Speed: 7.5″ Per Second

About LiftMaster 8500  About

Liftmaster 8500 side mount or jack shaft unique design allows it to be mounted to the wall/side jamb. The Liftmaster 8500 wall mount operator must be attached to the shaft/torsion tube by a steel collar, therefore, it’s compatible with torsion system garage doors only. When operates, its heavy duty 24V DC motor rotating the torsion tube, allowing smooth operation of the garage door along its tracks. The 24V DC anti-vibration motor features soft start and soft stop (variable speed), allowing quiet operation. Unlike hanging operators with rails, Liftmaster 8500 unique wall mount design allows you to utilize the extra ceiling space for your own needs. The 8500 garage door opener is fully compatible with HomeLink wireless system (HomeLink version 4.0 or higher), and with its Security+ 2.0 system, it allows you to safely control your garage door from within your vehicle. Liftmaster 8500 features MyQ Technology which provides you the ability to know what’s going on at your home by monitoring and controlling your garage door and home lighting from just about anywhere with no other accessories needed. The remote light box programmed to the operator just like a remote control, this feature allows you to place the lighting box anywhere in your garage. The 8500 smart wall console can be programmed and store up to 40 remote controls, 4 wireless keyless entry systems and up to 16 MyQ smart devices.

LiftMaster 8500 Safety and Security Safety and security

LiftMaster 8500 direct drive garage door opener safeguard your household with the unique Security+ 2.0 system – with a compatible remote control, every click will send a new code to the garage door opener, so the door opens only for you. Timer-to-Close system automatically closes your garage door after a pre-programmed certain number of minutes. Alert-2-Close warning system provides audible and visual warnings when your garage door is about to close when using the MyQ Technology or when using the Timer-to-Close system. Power lock deadbolt secure your garage door against forced opening and ensures that the door remains securely locked when closed. Equipped with Liftmater’s Protector system, the 8500 garage door opener meets all UL325 requirements, it prevents the door from closing if anything, an object or a person interrupts the safety eyes beam that crosses the garage door opening.

Liftmaster 8500 Safety Features Safety Features

  • Emergency Release Handle
  • Automatic Garage Door Deadbolt
  • Battery Backup Compatible
  • Timer-To-Close System
  • Alert-To-Close System
  • Protector System/Safety Eyes
  • Rolling Code/Security+ 2.0
  • Maintenance Alert System
  • RPM Reverse System

LiftMaster 8500 Accessories Included Accessories

LiftMaster 8500 Owner Manual Documentation:

Warning: Carrying out a garage door repair/installation can be dangerous if not preformed according to the local and national standards and verified by a professional.

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