The Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is the most common opener. As the name implies, it involves using a chain that rotating through the main sprocket while raising and lowering the garage door. Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is affordable and extremely reliable; however, a main drawback is that some of the chain driven models can be quite noisy, so these are often best suited for a detached garage.

The vast majority of our customers consider the chain drive opener as a noisy Garage Door Opener, which is not quite the case. A high-end, professional chain drive opener will provide smooth and quiet operation. When it comes to energy efficiency; the chain drive opener tends to be highly efficient once the right model has been chosen.”

Choose from a wide range of high quality Chain Drive Garage Door Openers that is based on models and technologies that have proven themselves over the years. We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions and further information.