Garage Door Off Track - Sudden System Failure

Has your garage door stopped moving smoothly up and down? The garage door system is constantly under a tremendous amount of tension. Objects that get caught in the garage doorway or inside the track, worn-out garage door springs or a system that is not correctly maintained can cause the garage door system to lose it’s tension and the garage door to come off it’s track.

A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish

Garage door off track scenarios range from easy to very complicated. Any repair process that may be needed, requires a significant range of expertise, skills and knowledge.

Garage Door Off Track

As garage door experts, we must have the knowledge to handle all kinds of repairs. For example, it is critical that we determine what caused the garage door to come off the track and how to correctly assemble the intricate parts. By using our expertise, skills and knowledge utilizing different testing techniques we are able to pinpoint and analyze the malfunction.”

Efficiency is doing Things Right

To complete the required repairs, hand tools are constantly being used such as screwdrivers, pliers, as well as power tools such as pneumatic wrenches and drills. Often, we find ourselves disassembling broken or defective equipment to access deep level components and perform necessary repairs and adjustments. Reassembling equipment is done when repairs are complete.

Identifying and removing rough dents from the garage door tracks, cleaning and smoothing inner track surfaces, aligning the garage door hinges and rollers, tightening bolts and screws, adjusting the garage door spring torque levels. These are our primary responsibilities in order to restore the garage door system to 100% working condition and to prevent an off track scenario from happening again.”

There’s Always a Way – If you are Committed

The vast majority of the garages out there are generally clean, well-lit, and ventilated. In some cases, depending on what type of work is being performed, heavy objects and belongings need to be moved if they’re blocking essential access to the garage door system components.

As a professional garage door team, we must have the abilities to manually lift and maneuver heavy objects, parts, equipment and materials. In addition, it is necessary at times to work under extreme weather conditions.”

When carrying out required repairs we are constantly exposed to hazards such as sharp objects and the extreme weight of the garage door system components. Frequently we are required to work in a variety of dangerous and awkward positions while bending or standing on top of a ladder to perform essential repairs. With that said, many physically difficult tasks have been made easier through the use of power tools.

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Quality is not an Act, it is a Habit

Careful quality control is important throughout a garage door off track repair process.

We have to look for faulty components and system defects while performing necessary repairs. This will help us to prevent future garage door system malfunctions and wear.”

In a garage door off track scenario damage to other garage door parts and garage door components, such as the garage door opener, the garage door spring, or the garage door cable may unfortunately occur. Therefore, after the necessary garage door repair is made utilizing careful inspections, operations and tests, it can then be determined that the garage door system functions correctly and conforms to the customer’s specifications.

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