LiftMaster 882LM

Multi Function Control Panel

LiftMaster 882LM


  • Dimensions: 3.12″L x 4.69″H x 0.75″W
  • Connection: Wired
  • Light Duration: Adjustable


Liftmaster 882LM Control Panel is simple to operate. Designed with your convenience in mind, it can operate the Garage Door Opener and lights from inside the garage and allows fast and easy accessories programming with the new internal learn button. With a simple light button, you can turn the garage door opener lights on and off. Just like a regular light switch, the lights will stay on until the light button is pressed again or until the garage door opener itself is being activated. Once the garage door is activated, the lights will stay on according to the factory settings (4.5 minutes) unless otherwise specified. Equipped with maintenance alert system you can ensure that your garage door opener System stays in good working condition.

 Safety and security

The Liftmaster 882LM Control Panel equipped with the lock button feature that designed to prevent the garage door opener activation from the remote controls while still allowing activation from the control panel itself and from any other keyless entry. This feature designed to prevent home break-ins and to provide you additional peace of mind.



WARNING! Garage Door Products can be dangerous if not installed according to the local and national standards and verified by a professional.