Why Shouldn’t you Perform DIY Garage Door Repair

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There are many repair tasks around your home that you can easily attend to on your own with a few simple tools and a little knowledge. However, repairing a garage door should not be one of those tasks you take on yourself. Here are some of the reasons why attempting to repair a garage door yourself can be a huge mistake:

Lack of Knowledge

Your garage door may seem to be a simple mechanical object; however, your garage door system has many different intricate parts all important to the proper function of the garage door. Unless you have actual training in garage door repair you may simply lack the knowledge and the skill to repair most problems with your garage door.

That lack of knowledge in garage door repair can result in making mistakes that can result in even more damage to your garage door resulting in even more costly repairs. In some cases, a mistake can result in a part having to be replaced rather than simply repaired. In addition, attempting to repair your garage door may result in damage to your vehicle and/or other objects in your garage as well as could result in injury to you or a family member.DIY Garage Door Repair - Why Not

Lack of Proper Tools

Another reason you should not attempt to repair your garage door on your own is that it more than likely that you do not have the proper tools to repair your garage door. Garage doors often require special tools that can’t be used in any other type of home repair. These tools may be quite expensive and most people are not going to invest a good amount of money in purchasing a tool that they may only use once so they end up using whatever tools they have their disposal.

Using the wrong tools can result in damaging the garage door and causing more damage than good. Of course, you may also damage your tools you are trying to use and in case of using power tools you may end up injuring yourself.

DIY Garage Door Repair May Cause Personal Injury

Your garage door is extremely heavy and garage door parts such as the torsion springs are under a great deal of pressure. Attempting to repair your garage door springs or the tracks of your garage door can result in your garage door to come crashing down resulting in serious injury or death to you, a member of your family or your pet.

DIY Garage Door Repair May Void Your Warranty

Many garage door manufacturers offer a warranty for your garage door. This warranty only covers repairs or the replacement of parts done by a professional garage door technician who have the knowledge, training, and experience to repair that garage door right the first time. If you attempt to repair a garage door yourself and something goes wrong, then your door won’t be covered by warranty, which will cost you even more in garage door repairs.

When it comes to garage door repairs, you should consider hiring a professional garage door repair company. A professional repairman follows safety regulations and industry standards and with the proper knowledge and experience, may end up saving you money while keeping you, your family and home safe.

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