Troubleshooting 4 Common Garage Door Issues

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Garage door issues can be irritating at the best of times, especially if your car isn’t insured to be kept outside your garage overnight! As a well-established garage door repair company, we have seen our fair share of issues with garage doors! Here we offer you some quick troubleshooting tips for 4 of the most common garage door issues we come across.

1. My garage door won’t respond to its remote control

Troubleshooting 4 Common Garage Door Issues

Troubleshooting 4 Common Garage Door Issues

First of all, try simply moving closer to the door when using your remote control. The antennae only have a limited range, so sometimes you may just need to stand closer. It may also be worth checking that the receiving antenna on your garage door opener isn’t damaged in any way, and is positioned properly. Alternatively, the battery may need replacing in your garage door remote/keypad, or your electronics may need to reprogrammed due to general wear and tear.

2. Both the remote and the wall-console don’t operate the door

If you’ve tried all the options to open/close your garage door and it still doesn’t budge, you may be in need of garage door repair. It may be likely, however, that you’re having some sort of power issue. For example, the Garage Door Opener unit may have come unplugged. Check your power outlets and make sure that all connections are properly secured. It’s also possible that you have tripped a fuse or circuit breaker, which may necessitate professional garage door repair services.

3. My garage door won’t open in winter

Is your garage door closing fine but refusing to open in cold conditions? Don’t worry, the cold weather is often to blame here. First of all, look for a small screw on the back/front of the garage door opener unit and then adjust the opener’s sensitivity accordingly. Rollers often get stiff in the cold, meaning that the door opener will refuse to open. You can also lubricate your rollers to help alleviate this stiffness during the cold season. More complex issues may require professional garage door repair, especially if these tips have not worked.

4. My garage door won’t open completely

Damaged rollers can cause your garage door to stop opening fully and even can cause it to go off its tracks. If your rollers are rusty or worn out, you should consider lubricating them or having them replaced by a garage door repair company. Alternatively, your garage door opener limit switch may need to be re-adjusted. This is a largely a manufacturing problem, however, that should be immediately noticeable if your garage door won’t fully open or after purchasing a new garage door system.

We hope these tips have helped you to diagnose some of the most common garage door problems. If you’re still having issues, feel free to inquire about Champion Garage Door Repair services; we provide complete garage door repair Huntington Beach, garage door repair Fountain Valley and complete garage door repair services all over Orange County, get in touch with us for an in-home estimate today!

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