New Garage Door Geofencing Feature in Alpine Dash Systems

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In January of this year (2018), Alpine Electronics, a manufacturer of high quality in-vehicle infotainment systems, joined forces with the Chamberlain Group makers of Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers to offer their customers a new geofencing feature. This geofencing feature allows you to control your garage door opener and smart lighting from compatible Alpine navigation systems. The geofencing feature can now be used to set a geographic boundary around your home that when crossed automatically, offers an onscreen prompt asking you if you want to open your garage door. This new feature gives people who have Alpine navigation systems to control their smart home features directly from their navigation system’s touch screen by linking Chamberlain’s MyQ app to select alpine navigation systems through the Alpine Connect smartphone app.

People in the US and Canada can get this geofencing feature from either the Apple app store or Google Play. A subscription costs a mere $1.00 per month or $10.00 for an entire year. This fee is on top of the subscription fee you pay for the Alpine app.

The MyQ app will be available through the following Alpine navigation systems:

  • 7 inch in- dash navigation systems for models INE-W977HD and INE-W967HD
  • 8 inch in-dash navigation system for models X208U and X108U
  • 9 inch Restyle In-dash navigation system for 2011-2014 Jeep Wrangler Models X209-WRA,X209-WRA-CR and X109-WRA
  • 10-inch model Alpine Restyle in-dash for 2014-2917 Chevy Silverado model X110Slv and for the 201402017 GMC Sierra model X110SRA

About MyQ Technology

Chamberlain who owns the MyQ technology patent has previously joined forces with other companies and products such as Honeywell Total Connect to help and improve the convenience of everyday living and using their garage door opener. Chamberlain’s MyQ technology allows you to operate your garage door opener, house lights and other electronics from your smart device. The MyQ app is free to download and many of the newer Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers, those with the letter “W” in their model number, which means “Wi-Fi”, already set up for using the MyQ technology. Older models of Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers can use the MyQ technology by purchasing an internet gateway to connect to their home internet service and integrate it with their garage door opener.

MyQ enables you to get alerts and control your garage doors and home lights with your smart device from almost anywhere in the world, providing you the extra peace of mind that your hoe is safe. You can be a thousand miles away from home and will be able to open or close your garage door to let your neighbor in to feed your cat or water your plants, or to close your garage door if your teenager accidentally leaves it open.

About the Alpine App and In-Dash Navigation System

The Alpine in-Dash and Restyle navigation systems features 3D maps, a touch screen and is compatible with iPods, iPhones and satellite radio. Some of these navigation systems have cameras and other features. When connected to the Alpine App, the in-dash and Restyle systems gives you an incredible all in one driving experience. The Alpine app is specifically designed for Alpine navigation systems and allows you to use select apps from YELP, iHeart radio, Glympse and now for a small fee, MyQ technology. You can control all of these apps right through your Alpine dash system.

What is great about this system, is that while all of these features are on your smart phone, there are times when you may lose your signal or your phone batteries may be die. With the Alpine navigation system, you get all the smart phone technology in a dependable and secure system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the MyQ and Alpine App Geofencing

Like all technological advances there are some advantages and disadvantage to the joining of MyQ technology with the Alpine App for geofencing.


  • You can control your garage door, and smart home lights and electronic gadget from your built-in interface.
  • Alpine navigation systems won’t lose the signal like smart devices sometimes do so it offers a more a reliable way to use your MyQ technology that is offered by your smart device.
  • Like using your smart device, you will now be able to open your garage door and turn on your house lights without ever leaving your car providing you with more safety and security.
  • Alpine’s In-dash navigation system screen is easier to observe without taking your eyes off the road like you do when using a smart phone/smart device.
  • Adding the MyQ app to your Alpine navigation system is pretty inexpensive.


  • To link MyQ technology to Alpine connect you need both the Alpine connect app and the Alpine in-dash navigation system.
  • This combined system can only be used with select garage door openers and select Alpine in-dash and Restyle systems making this system only available to some users of both MyQ and Alpine navigation systems.
  • Almost all the services offered by the joining of these two technologies are already on your smart phone.
  • Connecting the MyQ technology to the Alpine navigation system could be difficult for some people who are not technically savvy.

Overall, joining MyQ app through Alpine App Geofencing does not produce any significant improvements over the MyQ app on your smart phone other than offering a prompt asking you if you want the app to open your garage door when you are within the geofences parameter. Combining MyQ technology with the Alpine navigation system is just one more way that technology makes life convenient for homeowners who want to have more control on their garage door and home.

How to Link Alpine Connect to Your Garage Door Opener

Linking to the Alpine Connect service requires you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. To link MyQ to Alpine Connect you need to have both an Alpine Connect app and an Alpine in-dash navigation system. Once you meet all of those requirements, you are ready to start linking your MyQ app to Alpine Connect.

Start by Going to your MyQ app and Following these Steps:

  1. Click on the plus(+) sign in the upper right corner
  2. Select to a partner device or service
  3. Once you’re in the account linking, swipe until you find Alpine (if you haven’t already downloaded the Alpine Connect app, click on get app to download the Alpine Connect App and Create an account.)
  4. Click launch to open the Alpine Connect App
  5. Once in the Alpine Connect App
  6. Download or launch the Alpine Connect App
  7. Enable MyQ by sliding the toggle to the on position
  8. When the prompt appears enter your MyQ credentials
  9. You will now be directed to the MyQ Market Place to continue your set up

Setting Up Your Alpine MyQ App:

  1. First go to
  2. Enter your MyQ login credentials
  3. Select authenticate
  4. Choose the premium partner who want to subscribe with
  5. Select either the monthly or yearly billing cycle
  6. Enter your billing information
  7. Select place order

Your subscription should now be activated and you can now use the MyQ in the in-dash navigation system.



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  1. These smart-home features are quickly becoming super popular. I don’t think it will be long before people start to expect this technology in any home they purchase. Not only will you love the experience, it will increase the value of your home. Definitely worth the cost in my opinion.

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