How to Keep Your Garage Door Clean

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As most home owners know, the more curb appeal your home has the more value your property has. Since your garage door is one of the largest single features of your home and something that guests or potential buyers are sure to notice right off. Keeping your garage door clean, bright and shinning is sure to add to your home’s curb appeal and it’s not a difficult thing to do. Here are some few tips that can help you to keep your garage door looking its best and to get the job done right:

  • Close Your Garage Door Completely Before Cleaning: The first thing you need to do before starting to clean your garage door is to make sure it is completely closed and locked.
  • Brushing Down Your Garage Door: Before washing down your garage door you should brush it down on dry to remove and loose dirt, debris, grime and remove or at least loosen any bird droppings. By brushing down the door before washing, you won’t have to have to spend as much time washing the door again and again to get it clean. Your brush should be stiff enough to remove as much dirt as possible, but not so stiff that it scratches the paint or finishes of your garage door.
  • Washing Down Your Door: With a large sponge and warm water using diluted mild dish soap, diluted all-purpose cleaner, or white vinegar wash down your garage door a portion at a time rinsing each section with your garden hose as you go along. You may want to give your door a second washing depending on how dirty it is.
  • Cleaning Your Garage Door Windows: Once you have your garage door clean, you want to clean its windows so that too are clean and sparkling. You may want to brush down your windows (before you wash the door) and after that washing them with a glass cleaner and a piece of dry cloth.
  • Sealing Your Garage Door: To help keep your garage door looking cleaner for longer then you may want to seal your garage door. If you have a painted garage door using car wax to seal your garage door will leave your door looking not only clean but shinning.
  • Cleaning Your Garage Door from Inside: The cleaning process can be applied inside and out. When doing your garage door from inside make sure you clean the garage door safety eyes, brush and clean horizontal and vertical tracks from any debris and heavy-duty grease. Clean rollers, hinges, inner windows and door sections. To avoid rust on the inner garage door parts, you may want to use moist piece of cloth and not running water. Keep in mind that after cleaning from inside, you may want to lubricate your garage door. By keeping the door mechanisms lubed up, you will prevent the garage door moving parts from wearing out, keep your system running smoothly and avoid costly future garage door repairs.

Products To Avoid When Cleaning Your Garage Door

Here is a list of products that you don’t want to use when cleaning your garage door: high-pressure power washers, scouring powders, paint removers, paint thinners, steel wool, wire brushes and sandpaper. Using these products may scratch and damage your garage door paint. If you aren’t sure that your products are suitable, you can always test it on non-exposed section before applying it on the entire garage door.

Fixing Garage Door Imperfections

After your garage door has been completely cleaned you may notice deep scratches, dents or the rusting of some of the door panels resulting from a number of things, such as objects or branches hitting the garage door. The best solution is to use touch up paint to fix minor imperfections. Keep in mind that when applying any sort of touch up paint best practice is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Touching up your garage door without following the manufacturer’s recommendation could actually make the imperfections worse. If the touch up paint isn’t working and you aren’t happy with the outcome, you may want to call a professional garage door repair company to either repair or replace the panels on your garage door.

Keeping your garage door clean will help extend the life and the look of it. It seems easy but there are strict methods of how to do it right. Always keep in mind that most dirt and dust can be removed with dry brush, plain water and/or a mild detergent. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and use cleaning solutions as directed, especially when using cleaners.

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