How and When to Use the Garage Opener Emergency Release Cord

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Most of the time your garage door opener operates smoothly without causing you a bit of a problem. However, there are times when the garage door opener fails to raise or lower your garage door like it should. The malfunction with your garage door opener may be due to a loss of your power supply, a motor that quits working or something as simple as a failure of parts.

Regardless of what has cause the malfunction in your garage door opener knowing how to release the emergency cord so you can manually operate your door will save you some worry and frustration while you are waiting for that garage door repair service to arrive to make the necessary repairs.

Before Disengaging Your Garage Door, Make Sure the Door is Closed

Before you even consider disengaging your garage door from the opener, you need to make sure that your garage door is closed. If the door is in up position and the garage door springs are weak or broken, then disengaging the garage door can cause your door to come crashing down, damaging your garage door and potentially causing serious injury to anyone under the door.

Pulling the Release Cord

Your garage door opener’s release cord is the red rope usually with a handle that hangs from the opener’s trolley. The purpose of this cord is to disconnect the carriage from the trolley and allowing the it to slide freely along the rail, which allowing you to open the door manually. To disengage the door from the trolley you need to pull the cord down and away from the door.

Testing the Door to Ensure it Operates Manually

Once you have pulled the release cord you should test the garage door by manually opening and closing the door by hand. Try doing opening and closing the door a couple of times and then make sure the door is once again closed before attempting to reset the garage door opener.

Resetting and Troubleshooting the Garage Opener

Resetting the garage opener is simply a matter of unplugging the opener from the outlet and wait few minutes and then, plug it back. If the problem is solved, great! If you’re still having problems try the following: motor troubleshooting, troubleshooting common garage door issues or consider hiring a professional garage door opener repair service.

Reconnecting the Trolley

There are two different way to reconnect the carriage back to the trolley/garage door opener. You can either slide the door along the track until the attachment point is re-engaged or you use the garage door remote to operate the motor until it’s re-engaged.

If your garage door still doesn’t raise and lower properly, then it may be time to contact us at Champion Garage Door Repair to have a professional garage door repairman look over your door, diagnose the problem and make the proper repairs. Having your garage door repaired in timely manner will not only save you from being inconvenienced but can also prevent any problems with your garage door from getting worse and costing you additional money. At Champion Garage Door Repair, we provide comprehensive garage door repair service in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Cypress, Seal Beach, Westminster, Garden Grove and all over Orange County area.

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