Honeywell Total Connect Is Now Compatible with MyQ Systems

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Now days, you can use apps and your smart device for everything and anything including shopping, listening to music, and a variety of everything. This may mean that your smart phone and smart device become loaded with so many apps, and using those apps can become fairly confusing. In August, 2108, Chamberlain Group’s MyQ technology for LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers, which allows you to control your garage door from your smart device, can now be integrated with Honeywell Total Connect, a home security system operated using your smart device, so that both can be controlled by one simple app. This is a step forward allowing users to have a more connected and secure home, whether at home or far away. Integrating the MyQ technology with the Total Connect app allows users to have complete control of their home security with additional control for their garage door.

The integration of these two systems allows users more flexibility and control in monitoring the security of their home and garage with real time notifications whenever someone comes and goes.

The Chamberlain group (CGI) has a long history strategically partnering with other companies including such companies as Nest, Infinity, Google, IFTTT, and Apple to better serve their customers’ needs, therefore, Honeywell is just the latest in Chamberlain’s efforts to help their customers live a more convenient and safer life.

About Honeywell Total Connect

Honeywell Total Connect is a range of alarm communication products that works with your smart device. Total Connect normally comes with a basic package, but there are products that you can add to make your home safer. The basic package, which can only be purchase from a dealer should include:

  • 4 window or door sensors
  • 1 or 2 motion sensors
  • 1 or 2 smart devices such as a security camera or thermostat

Add on devices can include a carbon monoxide detector, fire detector and even a vehicle tracking device. By paying extra you can also control your window shades, your ceiling fans and get live monitoring of your devices.

Now with the integration of MyQ and Honeywell Total Connect you can:

  • Monitor and control MyQ connected openers
  • Open and close doors remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Receive activity alerts so you know when your garage door has been opened.

What Is MyQ Technology

MyQ is the latest technology for garage door openers, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door from your smart phone and smart device using the Internet. This means that you to use your smart phone and the MyQ app to open and close your garage door, security gate and your home lights. MyQ also has what is called a “Timer To Close” function. This function allows you to use your smart phone or smart device to set a time limit for your garage door to be left open. This is a great feature for families who have teens who have tendency to forget to close the garage door, since after the preset number of minutes that will close automatically for them.

Newer models of LiftMaster and other Chamberlain garage door openers come with the MyQ technology built into them and ready for you to hook up to the WiFi through the MyQ app. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to get a new garage door opener to use the MyQ technology since Chamberlain states that MyQ is compatible with all photoelectric sensor equipped garage doors made after 1993.

If you own a garage door opener that doesn’t feature built-in MyQ technology, it can be equipped with Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub which you can purchase separately. Once you purchase the Hub you then just follow the directions for connecting the Hub to the Wi-Fi and compatible garage door openers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having A Smart Home and Garage

Like any technology, there are both advantages and disadvantages of having a smart home and garage and here is a look at some of those advantages and disadvantages:


  • More Control Over Your Environment: With modern life becoming more and more hectic, we are always looking for more convenient ways to do things and to have control over our home environment. From lighting all the way to heating and air conditioning, being able to control everything in our home with a touch of a fingertip offers the control and convenience that we seek. Being able to control lights, oven, garage doors, water, air conditioning, ceiling fans, blinds, thermostat and sprinkler system all with a single smart device will certainly make life easier and simpler.
  • Safety-Smart homes make our lives safer: Security cameras and alarms can allow you to monitor your home via your smart phone. In addition, doors can be locked, alarms can be set, and you can receive alerts when someone enters your home, sets off motion detectors or even when children or family members leave your home. You may even be able to track where your family members go.
  • Increases Independence and the Quality of Life: The elderly and others who have limited mobility often become depressed over their lack of independence and their need to rely on others to perform simple tasks such as lawn care and grocery shopping. Oftentimes, people are forced to give up their own homes simply because they can no longer perform the tasks needed to care for their home. Imagine how much more independent the elderly and others with limited mobility would feel if they could perform chores simply by pushing a button or two.
  • Energy Savings: Smart home technology can save on those energy bills as well. Induction stove tops that heat only when a pan is set on the burner, new water faucet technology that uses less water, heat and air conditioning can be turned down when no one is home and then turned up with a touch of a button so when you arrive home the temperature will be more comfortable. Saving energy is also better for the environment saving on fossil fuel.
  • More Economic: While smart home technology will cost you a bit of money upfront, in the end it can also result in huge savings. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency a thermostat controlled by smart home technology can save users anywhere from 10% to 30% on their utility bill. Imagine how much more you can save if your lights and other energy driven device in your home are only active when sensors detect you are home.


  • Cost: A completely smart home can be extremely costly. However, you can add smart devices to your smart home, gradually, as you can afford them, making it less painful to lay out the money and create your smart home.
  • Reliability: The operation of your smart home is going to be dependent on how good and reliable your internet connections are. Spotty internet service can be frustrating and difficult when using smart devices.
  • Learning Curve: Like all new technology there is going to be a bit of learning curve, however, for those who are tech savvy, learning how to run a smart home will be easy and simple. For those less technological inclined, finding someone to show you how to use the smart home apps will be less frustrating than reading through those manuals.
  • Lack of Privacy: While your smart home can improve your home’s security, anything that connects you to the internet can be hacked, which may leave you and your family having less privacy than you may like.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: One disadvantage of a smart home is that some people who already live a pretty sedentary lifestyle will likely become even more inactive since they can do so many things through their smart device rather than having to walk over to turn their thermostat up or down, or to flip that light switch.

How to Integrate Honeywell Total Connect with Chamberlain and/or LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

If you want to know how to integrate the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 with Chamberlain and/or a LiftMaster Garage door opener, here are the steps you will need to follow. (This guide is for those who already have an existing garage door connected to MyQ)

Before You Start Integration

Before you begin the Integration process between Total Connect 2.0 and your Chamberlain and/or liftmaster garage door opener, you need to have and verify the following:

  • A MyQ app installed on an iOS or Android Device
  • A Total Connect 2.0 remote account – Automation enabled
  • Set up currently in place in MyQ device
  • Total Connect 2.0 app in platform of your choice: PC, iOS or Android

Once you have verified all these prerequisites then you can begin the integration process.


  • Step 1: Login to Total Connect 2.0 app
  • Step 2: Go to automation tab and then click on the manage devices
  • Step 3: When the list of devices come up select Chamberlain/LiftMaster
  • Step 4: Select your method of integration
  • Step 5: Select add existing garage doors
  • Step 6: Enter your valid MyQ email address and password then select authenticate
  • Step 7: A Display will come up of all the previous set up garage doors
  • Step 8: Select the garage door you want to be controlled from the Total Connect 2.0 app (you can select more than one)
  • Step 9: Select save
  • Step 10: Click OK to continue

You should now be able to view all the garage doors you just added in your automation tab.

Once you have integrated your Total Connect 2.0 with MyQ, you can access your garage door through your Total Connect app, making it more flexible and convenient to control and monitor your home and garage.

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