DIY Garage Door Installation Mistakes

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Many people find that DIY projects save them money and gives them a sense of accomplishment. While there are many different building and maintenance projects that you can easily accomplish around your home or business without the aid of a professional installing, your garage door may not be one of them. Mistakes with your garage door installation can result in costing you more than having a professional garage door repair technician install your garage door in the beginning. Here are a few of the more common garage door installation mistakes that untrained people make when installing their garage door:

Failure to Consider Your Garage Door Interiors Before InstallationDIY Garage Door Installation Mistakes

Most people install their garage door after they have completed the interior of their garage including electrical wiring outlets and fixtures. Meanwhile, they don’t consider their garage’s interior when planning where to place their garage door and automatic unit, ending up with wiring, outlets or fixtures right in the center of their garage door, which is where the garage door opener needs to be placed. This results in the do it yourselfer either needing to change all that wiring and move those outlets and fixtures or installing the garage door motor off center.

Failure to Line up the Garage Door Opener with the Garage Door Itself

Due to having fixtures or outlets in the center of the garage ceiling, many nonprofessional garage door installers choose to install in their motor slightly off center feeling that it won’t affect the functioning of the garage door. This is actually a critical mistake since the automatic garage door unit needs to be lined up with the center of the garage door itself. Setting your garage door automatic unit even slightly off center can result in the twisting of your garage door whenever you open or close the door, causing damage to the garage itself as well as other garage door parts. To fix this problem will not only take the services of a skilled professional garage door repairman or technician, but will cost you a good deal of additional money.

Failure to Adjust the Garage Door After Installation

Another mistake that many Do It Yourself garage door installers make is failing to adjust their garage door once it is installed. Professional garage door technician checks your garage door once it is installed and make small but critical adjustments to ensure that everything is in working order. Adjustment such balancing the garage door correctly and adjustment of the garage door opener travel limits, until the gasket seal on the bottom of your garage door reaches the floor. Other small adjustments may be necessary as well in order to assure that your garage door is functioning properly and without the proper knowledge and experience, your garage door will be less energy efficient and may other problems may arise such as early wear and tear of the system components.

There are several other mistakes that can be made by those untrained in garage door installation. While it may be possible to install your garage door yourself, it may be wiser to perform intensive research on how to install a garage door before you install your garage door or have your garage door professionally installed by a reputable garage door repair company, as it may save you money in the long run and give you the extra peace of mind that your home and family are safe.

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