Common Garage Door Problems

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For the most part, garage doors function extremely well and may run perfectly for couple of years without ever needing to be repaired. However, you do need to keep in mind that your garage door is a mechanical device and overtime, various parts of your garage door may become worn and need to be repaired or replaced. Here are some of the more common garage door problems you are likely to experience:

Garage Door Won’t Close

If your garage door starts to close and then springs back open or won’t close at all the problem is most likely going to be the photo electric eye on either side of your garage door. The garage door safety eyes are located on the vertical doors’ rails, on the bottom of either side of your garage door, these electric eyes transmit an invisible infra-red beam that is used to prevent the garage door from closing if something is blocking the door’s way. If your garage door won’t close or starts to close and then opens back up, then the problem most likely is that the safety eye is misaligned or dirty.

Checking and Fixing the Safety Eye

Some problems with your safety eye are easily to correct on your own while others are better left to experienced garage door service. If your safety eyes are dirty, you can clean them on your own simply by cleaning the eye with a soft cloth. If your safety eye is out of alignment or placed more than 8 inches from the ground, then you are better off called a professional garage door repairman to correct the problem and check that everything Is working like it should.

Garage Door is Closing or Opening Slowly or Seems to Bind

Your garage door system is equipped with rollers that set inside the tracks. When your garage door is opened or closed, the door rolls through the track which makes it open and close smoothly. However, should your garage door rollers wear down, they may not stay in the track. In addition, if the tracks improperly installed and have large gaps between them and the rollers, some rollers may jump out of the track and cause the garage door to come off its tracks. Continuing to operate your garage door when it’s off the tracks can result in serious damage to the garage door and system components.

Garage Door Off its Tracks

A garage door that has come off its tracks a serious problem and one should stop immediately to operate the door in such situation. Since the door is stuck and isn’t operable, this scenario requires an emergency garage door service and immediate professional attention to repair the garage door tracks, cables and rollers. Garage doors are extremely heavy and have been known to fall when inexperienced people have attempted to repair the garage door on their own. The garage door is constantly being under tremendous amount of pressure and DIY garage door repair may end in severe body injuries and medical expenses, therefore, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional garage door repair company with the right knowledge and tools to put the door back on tracks and to repair or replace any garage door faulty components.

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Many garage doors use torsion springs to lift that heavy garage door open. These springs are constantly under a great deal of pressure and will eventually break. If you at home when a spring breaks, you are likely to hear a sound that is much like a fire cracker going off. A broken garage door spring is a dangerous thing and if your garage door spring breaks on one side, chances are good that the spring on the other side of your garage door is also worn and could break at any moment leaving your garage door to come crashing down where it may cause serious damage to your garage door, vehicles or anything else that is in the door’s way. Should your garage door spring break, do not attempt to open or close your garage door and don’t go near the door. Garage doors are heavy often weighing hundreds of pounds and since the garage door springs hold the garage up, attempting to repair them on your own can result in the garage door falling and serious injuries. Since a professional garage door company have the experience, right tools and training to perform garage door spring repair, they can fix your garage door safely and handle that spring repair without endangering themselves or others.

Tension System Garage Door Safety Cables

Many garage doors have tension springs and safety cables wired to them in case they brake. In most cases, when the garage door tension spring break the safety cable holds it in place. Once a tension spring snapped and safety cables are worn out, it may fly straight on the garage wall/ceiling, resulting in damage to your garage and/or home.

Torsion System Garage Door Cables

Like garage door springs, you should never attempt to repair a broken garage door cable yourself. Doing so could result in serious injuries to yourself or to others as well as damage to your garage doors. It is best to hire a licensed and insured garage door technician to safely release any tension from the system and to safely perform the necessary garage door capable repairs, test the garage door for you to make sure that it is properly balanced and working the way it should.

Garage Door Remote and Garage Door Opener

In cases where neither your remote or wall unit works, this usually means that the power sources has been interrupted in some way. The problem may be something as simple as your motor unit has become unplugged. Others problems may be a burnt-out fuse or circuit, or your remote unit may need to be reprogrammed.

How to Repair a Disrupted Power Source

Repairing your garage door opener when your power source is disrupted may be as easy and simple as checking to see if the power source is unplugged. If that is the problem then you can certainly plug the unit back in yourself without the help of a professional. The same is true if a fuse is burned out or the circuit is broken. Most people can change a fuse or throw the circuit themselves. However, if after replacing the fuse or throwing the circuit fuses repeatedly keep blowing or the circuit continues to be thrown, then you may need to call your local garage door repair company to come out and find the source of the short circuit and make any necessary repairs. If your garage door remote needs to be reprogrammed, you may want to have a professional do the reprogramming for you to ensure that it is properly reprogrammed and working the way it should.

Local Garage Door Company for Your Garage Door Repair Needs

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  • Safety Eyes Repair and Alignment
  • Garage door Opener Repair and Replacement
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Garage Door Maintenance Services

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with same day garage door service so you won’t be left waiting to get your garage door repaired. As a local garage door supplier, can deliver garage door parts, garage doors, garage door openers, repairs and services in a timely manner. From routine maintenance of your garage door to an emergency service at any time of the day or the night, we have you covered.

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  1. Garage door off its tracks is a serious problem. I have noticed that my garage door is not working properly and figured that it has something to do with its track that is not enabling it to operate the way it should be.

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