4 Reasons to Keep Your Garage Door in Good Repair

Published on By Champion Garage Door Repair

When you garage door is working properly, you, like most other people, probably don’t give it a second thought. However, thinking about your garage door even when it’s in good working order and seeing that is properly maintained and repaired is extremely important for the following reasons:

A Well Repaired Garage Door Provides More Safety and Security for Your Family

A well working garage door is normally the first line of protection for your family. When your garage door closes and locks properly it prevents burglars from entering your home and perhaps your garage. A properly functioning garage door also means that your system isn’t likely to have its garage door springs break unexpectedly or come crashing down on a family pet or vehicles. While a poorly working or repaired garage door can be a dangerous thing, a well-maintained garage door helps to ensure your and your family’s safety.

Increases Convenience

A poorly maintained and repaired garage door that sticks, binds or is slow to open can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you are running late. In addition, you won’t experience the inconvenience of having to call a garage door repair company and then making sure you remain home until your garage door repair is fully completed.

Able to Avoid Unexpected Emergency Garage Door Service

Unexpected emergency repairs to your garage door can cost you more than you think: it may cost you lost wages or sleep while your garage door is being repaired, in some cases, make it impossible to get your vehicles out of the garage. Needing to have emergency garage door service and repairs done can cause a good deal of stress and frustration that could be avoided if you keeping your garage door is good repair.

Reducing Garage Door Repair Costs

Your garage door is a mechanical device, when one thing breaks, it puts more wear and tear on other garage door parts. The longer a specific part is broken without repairs, the more other parts on the system can be affected, making the problem worse and costlier to repair. By keeping your garage well maintained and in good repair, you can reduce the costs of the overall repairs. Prompt repairs during normal working hours for the garage door service can result in you paying less and preventing even costly problems in the future.


  1. My garage door got stuck a lot last winter so I agree with these maintenance tips. Getting it serviced regularly can definitely decrease the chances of it breaking down. I’ll try to do this more so I don’t have expensive repairs to worry about down the road.

  2. I like how you talked about having steady upkeep or check in with your garage door can help prevent emergencies and costly repairs. My brother has a garage door that squeaks louder than any type of rodent known to man. I will have him maintain his garage door, save him some money of an emergency repair and also save our ears.

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