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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

There are some important key points to consider while choosing a Garage Door Opener, and with so many different brands and types of Garage Door Openers on the market, you may not be sure where to start.

As garage door experts, we must have the ability to improve product reliability and efficiency by determining the required horsepower output, voltage and the right drive mechanism that the machine should have according to the garage structure and in proportion to the garage door system itself.”

Chain Drive Opener

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is the most common opener. As the name implies, it involves using a chain that rotating through the main sprocket while raising and lowering the garage door. Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is affordable and extremely reliable; however, a main drawback is that some of the chain driven models can be quite noisy, so these are often best suited for a detached garage.

The vast majority of our customers consider the chain drive opener as a noisy Garage Door Opener, which is not quite the case. A high-end, professional chain drive opener will provide smooth and quiet operation. When it comes to energy efficiency; the chain drive opener tends to be highly efficient once the right model has been chosen.”

Belt Drive Opener

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is quite similar to chain drive opener except that the drive mechanism assemblage operates with a rubber coated steel wires that rotating through the main sprocket while raising and lowering the garage door. They tend to be the quietest type of Garage Door Opener and most likely will cost more than the others.

With choosing a high-end, professional model, a belt drive opener can provide remarkable performance, quiet operation, advanced control options and proves to be highly reliable. When it comes to energy efficiency; the belt drive openers tends to be highly efficient.”

Screw Drive Opener

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener is the oldest style and it’s continue to be very popular. Some Screw Drive models can be noisy and vibrate and may not be a proper choice if the garage is under a bedroom or adjacent to a room where noise is not desired. Unlike chain drive opener, screw drive opener tends to rank a bit higher when it comes to pricing, but provides good value.

Screw drive Garage Door Opener is a good value. It proves to be highly reliable and provides excellent performance. As for today, when it comes to energy efficiency; it’s not efficient as the others.”

Evolution of Modern Technology

Most of the modern Garage Door Openers have extremely evolved, from basic and simple mechanical structures to high-level technology configuration. Today, integrated electronic systems and complex software regulate the Garage Door Opener and its performance while lifting and lowering the garage door.

As garage door experts, we must have an increasingly broad knowledge of how the garage door opener complex components work and interact. We also must be able to work with electronic diagnostic equipment, digital manuals and reference materials.”

Global Warming and Rising Energy Costs

The application of energy efficient in a new Garage Door Opener system can significantly reduce the overall environmental impact and motorized garage door operation costs. Advancements in the modern Garage Door Opener electric motor design and its associated drive mechanism can be highly efficient when it comes to energy savings. In most cases, the energy efficient machines will also have the highest performance.

Normally, there is an upfront cost related with performance and efficiency. With that said, the cost related with selecting advanced energy efficient Garage Door Opener may be easily returned as lowered energy costs, high performance and reliability.”

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The traditional engineering challenges of a Garage Door Opener involving designing products to safely and effectively perform in harsh environments and under extreme conditions. These challenges are amplified by a heightened demand from customers and regulatory agencies to meet standards such as noise, vibration, safety, security and comfort. From easy-to-use solutions to high end systems, we offer a big selection of Garage Door Openers that designed and built to last.

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